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2022 Mini Sessions

Ashley Gamberale Photography

So you’ve decided to do a mini session! Here’s what to expect- Taking the photo is the quickest part of these mini sessions. I will be spending a lot of time helping you with posing and I’m sure making silly sounds for your kids to crack a smile to this stranger behind the lens. Last year I had fun getting creative with Fall and Christmas mini sessions so I thought why not offer more.

These sessions are 15 minutes long at the location and dates I provided below. We will do an assortment of arrangements with complete family poses, couples, children only, and individuals. I will not be bringing any props to the mini sessions listed below however you are welcome to bring anything that you want to be photographed such as a blanket, pets, etc. If you have any questions about other items, please feel free to reach out. As long as what you bring does not require a big setup time that would cut into your 15 minutes, I am game! After the session is over you will receive an email with a link to your gallery of photos for you to download onto your computer. You have the rights to print and post them (unaltered) wherever you would like.

Mini sessions are great for gifts for family, to fill your home with smiles and memories. Mini sessions can be anything you want to make them. It can even be a pregnancy announcement or a gender reveal! We have some really pretty locations that you can make a day out of with your family. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Easter Mini Session – March 20th (rain date April 2nd)

Lavender Farm – July 23rd

Harkness Park on the Beach – August 13th

Fall Foliage: Dividend Pond – October 15th

Christmas - TBD

Contact me to secure a spot!

Mini Sessions 2022: Welcome
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